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Downstairs-apartment, Spijk

Price 980
Property Area 100
613183.JPG 613183.JPG

Townhouse, Groningen

Price 1,050
Property Area 100
612706.JPG 612706.JPG

Detached, Smilde

Price 895
Property Area 126
612590.JPG 612590.JPG

Detached, Opende

Price 1,195
Property Area 200
612221.JPG 612221.JPG

Detached, Norg

Price 900
Property Area 160
612212.jpg 612212.jpg

Upstairs-apartment, Farmsum

Price 1,100
Property Area 83
612171.JPG 612171.JPG

Apartment, Groningen

Price 850
Property Area 65
612070.JPG 612070.JPG

Downstairs-apartment, Groningen

Price 795
Property Area 51
611946.JPG 611946.JPG

Apartment, Groningen

Price 1,000
Property Area 70
Home Waardering: 4.20/5 (84.00%) 5 stem(men)

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