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Kaart provincie Groningen

Judge appoints independent damage expert Groningen

The court North Netherlands has appointed an independent damage expert to access the damage to a house in Groningen. It is the first time the judge appointed an expert. The house owner went to court when the judgement of the damage expert of the NAM and the counter-expert was very different. The expert of the […]

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Woontorens Stoker en Brander

Resident of the residential tower ‘de Brander’ flees for moisture

A resident of one of the lower apartments in residential tower ‘de Brander’ has fled for the moisture. He now lives on the tenth floor of the building near the Euroborg, that is built in water. The tenant already got a new floor but ongoing moisture problems made living on level -2 impossible. Quick after […]

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Investment in the Groningen area

Housing corporations are planning to invest in the province of Groningen. The plan is to build approximately 900 new homes in the next six years. In addition, the plan also entails the demolishing of more than 1,600 social housing units. This demolition program provides corporations a discount of 24 million euro on the property tax. […]

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