Damage appraisals in Groningen homes experiencing earthquake damage are not always well executed. There is no set protocol used by the different appraisers. The extent of damage is therefore often recorded incorrect or incomplete. The owner then runs the risk that the compensation by the NAM is not sufficient to repair the damage.

The Dutch Homeowners Association wants homeowners to have a preventive independent inspection of their homes. This preventive measure ensures to prevent problems even before potentially damage occurs. An expert records the existing situation and encourages to assess deficiencies and weaknesses of the home, preventing possible damage in the future. This way, there is less discussion about the causes after the earthquakes.

The focus according to the Dutch Homeowners Association must lay on preventing unsafe conditions and damage. Next to that, the Association also advises homeowners to always carry out a second opinion after the damage has been assessed. THe NAM reimburses the costs of the second opinion.

Source: Eigenhuis