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Interested in renting a property in or near Groningen through a rental agency? Through ApartsmentGroningen.com this is possible. Renting a property using a rental agency ensures that a proffesional party is included in the rental proces. However, agency costs are present in when using a rental agency. Often, the extra costs are absent when renting directly from a letter.

It is also possible to rent out your house through an estate agency. We can help you to contact different estate agencies in or near Groningen. For example, it is also possible to rent our you house complete furnished, for a certain period of time.

Would you like to receive more information on one of these topics? Please feel free to contact us between business hours. This can be done through email on info@apartmentsgroningen, or call us at 0031 50 7600 586. Contacting us is completely free of charge, and non obligatory.

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