Research has shown that confidence in the Dutch housing market has grown, for the twelfth consecutive month. This is concluded in a study done by the Vereniging Eigen Huis (Homeowners association).

Together with the Technical University in Delft , the Vereniging Eigen Huis has a housing market indicator, which grew to 83 points this month. In November, the indicator stood at 81, which concludes a slight increase. Therefore the Vereniging Eigen Huis argues that the confidence in the housing market, which so greatly declined since the start of the crisis , has returned. Compared to last year, the consumer confidence has increased tremendously. Last year the indicator stood at only 51 points.

The indicator goes to 100 points, and at this point the housing market is completely neutral. The growing confidence is also seen by an increase in home sales . In addition, a portion of the increase is attributable to relative political calmness in the Netherlands. However, many home buyers remain uncertain about purchasing power and unemployment , said Rob Mulder , director of the Vereniging Eigen Huis.

Source: Vereniging Eigen Huis.