Homes of migrant workers could receive a quality mark . This quality mark shows directly to employees, employers , municipalities , local residents and such that the residence of a migrant worker is in order. The approximately 300 000 migrant workers in the Netherlands with a decent property are to receive the quality mark. This is carried out by housing – and employment agencies.

Because many municipalities fear the influx of numerous immigrant workers , especially when the borders open on 1 January for Bulgarians and Romanians, this label has been created. In this way municipalities could reduce nuisances and improve the quality of life . Many unscrupulous landlords are also so addressed.

The label was presented this week by Minister Blok in Tilburg . The first labels were distributed to a selected group of migrant workers . For many workers it will be easier to get a citizen service number with this label. Before, local governments wanted to check if a migrant worker has work and / or good housing, before giving out service numbers. This process is eased with the new label.


Source : Dagblad van het Noorden, December 13, 2013 .