In 2013 , the city of Groningen expanded its housing stock with over 1,000 new homes. A large proportion of these new homes are independent residences for students. These independent units account for more than 50 percent of the number of new homes in Groningen. In addition, there were also new plots and apartments added to the housing stock. Half of the cases is new construction (53%). The rest are renovations of existing buildings, such as the creation of independent youth housing in former office buildings.

Housing associations play an important role in expanding the housing stock of Groningen. The corporations are collectively responsible for 60 percent of new construction. Also part of the new housing was placed in the context of neighborhood renewal projects. The bulk of the expansion of the housing stock consists of rental properties, noteably 893 new homes. Next to that there are 184 new homes in the owner-occupied sector.

According to the NMA (Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers) Groningen, together with Amsterdam, has the most dynamic residential property market in the Netherlands. Thereby possibly Groningen has a positive future in the offing in the creation of new properties.

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